Dynasts of Lycia. Zagaba mint. Vekhssere II, Circa 400-380 BC. AR 1/3 Stater 17 mm. 2.9 gm. Obv: Facing lion’s scalp Rev: Helmeted head of Athena facing slightly left; monogram behind. Falghera -; SNG Copenhagen Supp. 469 ; all within incuse circle. Cf. Falghera 186; Reuter 128 (no monogram); Podalia 21–5 corr. (A5/P5; Zagaba not a dynast); SNG Copenhagen Supp. 469 corr. SNG von Aulock –; SNG Keckman II –. Very rare. One of the finest known.
After much debate it has recently been concluded that Zagaba is in fact a place and not a person. (ref. A.G. Keen, Dynastic Lycia: A Political History of the Lycians & Their Relations with Foreign Powers, c. 545-362 BC [Leiden: Brill, 1998], pp. 54–5 and 109). Due to the absence of a dynast’s name on this coin, it is possible that this is a civic issue, but coins of this type and issue do exist that are linked to the name of Vekhessere II.

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