Julius Caesar. Late 46-early 45 BC. AR Denarius

Obverse shows Venus, divine ancestor of the gens Julia and often invoked by Julius Caesar. Cupid is perched on her shoulder.

Reverse the shows the Gallic Trophies, with Vercingetorix (perhaps) bound on the left, and Gallia weeping to the right.

This silver denarius struck in Spain late 46 / early 45 BCE. The colossal Gallic Wars are long over. Caesar remains victorious in the traditional Roman manner as he is entitled to remind his troops. And Caesar was in Spain now, fighting; dealing with Pompey’s sons, Gnaeus and Sextus and their able general. After a hard winter campaign Caesar ‘fought for his life’ at the March 45 BCE battle of Munda in southern Spain. Caesar’s favourite 10th legion eventually won the day and allowed the man to return to Rome and claim Dictator for Life; unopposed.

Venus / Gallic Trophies
C. Iulius Caesar. Denarius Spain 46-45, AR 19 mm., 3.6 gm. Obv: Diademed and draped bust of Venus l., with star in hair and Cupid perched on shoulder. In l. field, lituus and in r. field, sceptre. Rev: A female and a male Gaulish captive at foot of trophy; in exergue, CAESAR. Babelon Julia 12. C 14. Sydenham 1015. Sear Imperators 59. RBW 1640. Crawford 468/2.

This coin is in the Praefectus Coins store: Julius Caesar. Late 46-early 45 BC. AR Denarius

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