Numismatic Resources

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Wildwinds is a vast, popular, non-commerical listing of ancient coin types, Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Celtic and more.

Asia Minor Coins  is an educational, non-commercial numismatic website –  They have over 15,000 Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor, all arranged by mint and chronologically.

Vancouver Ancient Coin Club

The Vancouver Ancient Coin Club is intended to provide those interested in ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine or Medieval coins with an opportunity to discuss and learn more about ancient numismatics.

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No longer a pastime limited to the wealthy nobility, the study of ancient coins and the history and artistry of their making is now available to everyone.  While more sources of information on ancient coins are available now than ever before, there is no substitute for the direct exchange of information and ideas through a gathering of persons with a common interest.

 Everyone Welcome! 

Meetings are usually held on the second or third Sunday of each month, from 2-4 pm, at the McGill Branch of the Burnaby Library.   The Library is at 4595 Albert Street, Burnaby, near Willingdon Ave. and Hastings St.

Visit the club’s website for meeting dates