Cilicia. Tarsos. Ca. 370 BC. AR. NGC Choice VF. Hercules and the Nemean lion. Very Rare.


Cilicia. Tarsus. Ca. 370 BC. AR stater 22mm. NGC Choice VF. Obv: Heracles, nude, kneeling left, both arms wrapped around neck of the Nemean lion, which crouches right, trying to bite Heracles’ right leg; club right below. Rev: TEPΣIKON, head of Hera or Aphrodite left, wearing pendant earring, beaded necklace, and turreted stephane decorated with palmette flanked by two medallions. Robinson, NC 1948, pl. V, 11. SNG France 2, 235. SNG Levante 63. Of the highest rarity. Will remove from slab at no charge upon request.

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