Kings of Macedon, Philip III Arrhidaeus (323-317 BC). AR tetradrachm. Babylon mint. NGC Choice XF


Kings of Macedon. Philip III Arrhidaeus (323-317 BC). AR tetradrachm 26mm. 17.18 gm. NGC Choice XF 4/ 5- 3/5. Lifetime issue of Babylon, ca. 323-317 BC. Obv: Head of Heracles right, wearing lion skin headdress, paws tied before neck. Rev: ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΥ-BAΣIΛEΩΣ, Zeus enthroned left, right leg drawn back, feet on stool, eagle in outstretched right hand, grounded scepter in left; wheel above N in left field, HΔT monogram below throne. Price P200. Will remove from slab at no charge upon request.