Justinian II (1st reign, 685 – 695 AD). struck 685/86. Follis. Overstruck on a half follis of Constantine IV. Very Rare.


Justinian II (1st reign, 685 – 695 AD). Constantinople mint, 5th officina, struck in RY1 = 685/86. Follis Æ 27 mm. 8.3 gm. Obv: [I]ЧSTINI[ANЧS P], bust facing, with short beard, wearing crown and chlamys, holding globus cruciger in right hand; cross in field to right (not visible); cross from globus cruciger visible from under-type. Rev: Large M, ANNO to left (not visible), I to right, cross above, Є below; large K and C-O-N visible from under-type. Sear 1260 (unlisted regnal year) overstruck on Sear 1179 of Constantine IV.  For a weaker example, see CNG Mail Bid 61, lot 2259 (hammer $1,200).  As the under type of this follis is a half-follis of the previous emperor, Constantine IV, it points to an organized recall early in the rule of Justinian II, whereby half-follis’s were being restruck as a full follis. This would also help explain the rarity of the bronze coinage of Constantine IV.