Agrippina Senior. Died AD 33. Æ Sestertius. Rare.


Agrippina Senior. Died AD 33. Æ Sestertius 35 mm. 25.8 gm. Rome mint. Struck under Gaius (Caligula), AD 37-41. Obv: AGRIPPINA • M • F • MAT • C • CAESARIS AVGVSTI, draped bust right. Rev: S • P • Q • R • above, MEMORIAE/AGRIPPINAE in two lines high in left field, carpentum drawn left by two mules, the cover supported by standing figures at the corners, and with ornamented side; six spokes in wheel. RIC 55 (Gaius); Trillmich Group II; BMCRE 81-5 (Caligula); BN 131-32 (Caligula). Attractive Tiber patina.

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