Commemorative Series, 317-320 Ae 18. Very Rare.


Commemorative Series, 317-320 (?). AE 18 mm. 1.5 gm. Constantinopolis or Thessalonica mint. Obv: Eight-rayed star. Rev: Laurel wreath terminating in central medaillon. Bendall, Anonymous silver, RN 158 (2002), Type C. Ramskold, Coins and medallions (2011), p. 151. RIC -. Very rare. From the collection of Dr. L. Ramskold, formed since 1969. Ramskold (Coins and medallions [2011]) included the star-and-wreath type in the emissions struck for the inauguration of Constantinople 11 May 330. New material, offered in Leu Web Auction 25, shows that the possibly related ‘C/A V/O’ type was struck in Thessalonica sometime between 317 and 320. The date and mint of the star-and-wreath type is therefore uncertain.