Gaius (Caligula). AD 37-41. Æ Sestertius.


Gaius (Caligula). AD 37-41. Æ Sestertius 34 mm. 26.4 gm. Rome mint. Struck AD 37-38. Obv: C · CAESAR · AVG · GERMANICVS · P · M · TR · POT, Pietas seated left, holding patera and resting arm on small draped figure standing facing on basis, PIETAS in exergue. Rev: DIVO AVG S C, Gaius standing left, holding patera over garlanded altar; victimarius holding bull for sacrifice and attendant holding a patera standing on either side; garlanded hexastyle temple of Divus Augustus in background; pediment decorated with sacrificial scene; quadriga and Victories as acroteria; statues of Romulus and Aeneas along roof line. RIC I 36.