Julian II, 360-363 AD. AV Solidus. Sirmium mint


Julian II, 360-363 AD. AV Solidus, 21mm, 4.1 g. Sirmium mint. 361-363 AD. Obv: FL CL IVLIANVS PP AVG Pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust of Julian to right, with a thick beard. Rev: VIRTVS EXERCITVS ROMANORVM / *SIRM wreath Armored soldier moving to right, his head turned back to left, holding a trophy with his left hand and grasping the hair of a kneeling captive with his right. Depeyrot 21/1. RIC 96.
From the collection of W. F. Stoecklin, Amriswil, Switzerland, acquired prior to 1975.

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