Titus, A.D. 79-81. AE As. JUDAEA CAPTA


Titus, A.D. 79-81. AE As 27.5 mm. 10.8 gm. Lugdunum Mint, A.D. 77-78. “Judaea Capta” commemorative. Obv: T CAES IMP AVG F TR P COS VI CENSOR, Laureate head right; Rev: IVDAEA CAPTA S C, Palm tree; to left, shields, helmet, spears, and vexillum; to right, Judaea seated right on cuirass, in attitude of mourning. RIC-1268 (Vespasian); Hendin-1562. From the Robert Feuer Collection. Ex: Stack’s (12/1996) Lot # 785.

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