Coele-Syria, Damascus, Philip I. Extremely rare and finest of two known.


Coele-Syria. Damascus. Philip I. AD 244-249. Æ 29 mm. 13.2 gm. Obv: IMP C M IVL PHILIPPVS PIO FEL AVG, Laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. Rev: COL DAMAS METRO ΠΗΓΑΙ, River-god Chrysoroas seated left within arched grotto, holding grain ear and cornucopia; above, Marsyas standing within tetrastyle temple; star in left field, crescent in right field; ΠHTAI in exergue. Cf. Rosenberger 40 (for same rev. type on coin of Otacilia); SNG München -; BMC -; SNG Copenhagen – RPC VIII online ID 26803 (this coin).
ex CNG Electronic Auction 208, Lancaster 2009, 211; Ex Dix, Nooan Webb 29.Sept. 2008, 5175. The spring which feeds the Chrysoroas river is named Phtai.

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