Lydia. Sardis. Diva Faustina I (Died 140/1). Ae 35. Rare.


Lydia, Sardis, Diva Faustina I (Died 140/1). Ae 35 mm. 26.8 gm. Marcus Claudius Fronto, asiarch and first strategos. Obv: ΘЄΑ ΦΑΥϹΤЄΙΝΑ. Draped bust right. Rev: ЄΠΙ ΚΛ ΦΡΟΝΤΩΝΟϹ ΑϹΙΑΡΧ ϹΤΡΑΤΗΓΟ Α ϹΑΡΔΙΑΝΩΝ. Hexastyle temple enclosing statue of emperor standing left, extending hand and holding spear. RPC IV.2 online 1426; GRPC 440; SNG von Aulock 3154; BMC 139. Rare.

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