Lydia, Tripolis, Trajan. Ae 30. Very Rare.


Lydia, Tripolis, Trajan. Ae 30 mm. 15.6 gm. Magistrate Theodôros (b). Obv: ΘΕΟΔΩΡΟϹ Β ΕΧΑΡΑ ΤΡΙΠΟΛ, bust of Artemis, hair gathered up into knot on top of head, and into another knot at back of head, l.; in front, bow and at shoulder quiver. Rev: ΑΥ ΚΑΙ (ΝΕΡ) ΤΡΑΙΑΝΟϹ ϹΕΒ (ΓΕΡ) ΔΑΚΙΚΟϹ, Emperor in military dress standing l., crowning with his r. trophy of arms which stands before him, at the foot of which crouches l. a naked Dacian captive with hands bound behind him, and holding spear in l. BMC 56–57, Amandry A1, RPC III, 2565 (3 specimens). This is the fourth and possibly finest example known. The other three are in the British Museum.

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