Mysia. Cyzicus. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Ae 40 Medallion. Very Rare.

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Mysia. Cyzicus. Pseudo-autonomous issue. Medallion Orichalcum, 40 mm. 28.1 gm. circa 161-192. Obv: ΚΟΡΗ ϹΩΤЄΙΡΑ ΚYΖΙΚΗΝΩΝ Draped bust of Kore Soteira (with features of Faustina Junior?) to right, wearing wreath of grain ears. Rev: ΝЄΟΚΟΡΩΝ / ΚYΖΙΚΗΝΩΝ Attis, with his legs tied, reclining left on cushions, holding patera in his right hand and leaning left on support; to left, the emperor (or the hero Kyzikos?) standing right, holding patera in his right hand and spear in his left; to right, musician or priest standing left, playing lyre; in the back, tree; in exergue, bull walking left towards altar. BMC 175. RPC IV.2 online 757. Very rare.

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