Mysia. Kyzikos. Britannicus with Antonia and Octavia AD 41-55. Æ 12 Very Rare.


Mysia. Cyzicus. Britannicus, with Octavia and Antonia Minor, Caesar, A.D. 41-55. 1/3 Assarion Ae, 12 mm. 1.7 gm. ΝEΟC Obv: ΓEΡΜΑΝΙ[ΚΟC / Κ Υ] Bare head of Britannicus to right. Rev: ΑΝ ΟΚΤΑ Confronted draped busts of Antonia and Octavia. Imhoof-Blumer, NZ 1915, 91, 11. RPC 2248. Rare.  Coins depicting Claudius’s children are scarce and this rare issue with his three surviving children likely dates between 49 and 52 before Nero was proclaimed as heir to the throne.