Pontos, Amisos. circa 36-31/30 BC. Ae 21. Octavian and Julius Caesar. The second known example.


Pontos, Amisos. circa 36-31/30 BC. Ae 21 mm. 7.85 gm., struck under an uncertain Quaestor (=Q) allied to Mark Antony. Obv: Bare male head of Octavian(?), to left; below neck, Q. Rev: AMI-ΣΟY Bare male head, balding resembling Julius Caesar, to right, dividing the legend. RPC 1, 2156A.2 (this coin). The second known.
From RPC: This new coin is no doubt linked with 2156 and provides the mint where both series (2156 and 2156A) were struck. It therefore confirms Imhoof-Blumer’s intuition: ‘Diese Münze soll aus Amisos stammen’ (GRMK pp. 281-2, n° 16).The identification of both portraits remains difficult. See now P. Sánchez, “Une émission monétaire inédited’Amisos, ciuitas libera et foederatasous le Principat.” Revue Numismatique178, 2021, 115-36, for the identification of the portraits as Octavian and Julius Caesar.


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