Seleucis and Pieria, Laodicea ad Mare, Geta, As Caesar, AD 198-209. AR Tetradrachm. Very Rare.


Syria. Seleucis and Pieria. Laodicea ad Mare. Geta. As Caesar, AD 198-209. AR Tetradrachm 28 mm. 14.3 gm. Struck AD 208/9. Obv: Bare-headed and draped bust to right, wearing light beard; Rev: Eagle standing facing on ground line, head and tail to left, with wings displayed, holding wreath in beak, star between legs. Prieur 1158 (save obv. die as illustration); Gemini IV, 447 (same obv. die). Very Rare. Ex CNG Sale #82, Lot 863. ( $850 hammer plus BP).