Q. Metellus Scipio Imp. AR denarius. Rare.

obverse and reverse

Q. Metellus Scipio Imp. AR denarius. 17 mm. 3.7 gm. By Eppius Leg. F. C., North Africa, 47-46 BC. Obv: Head of Africa in elephant-skin right, oversized stalk of grain before, undersized plow left below Rev: Hercules standing facing, right hand resting on hip, left hand on club draped with lion-skin and set on rock. Crawford 461/1. CRI 44. Rare.
Quintus Metellus Scipio was on the wrong side at the Battle of Pharsalus, with Pompey against Julius Caesar. He then ran to North Africa where he allied with Cato. Caesar utterly defeated them both at the Batlle of Thapsus 46 BC and they ended up committing suicide in the honorable Roman way.



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